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Moment with Minion #109

An old woman called her hot…I still don’t know why but this is what followed…

Minion: Mommy, she called me hot.

Me: Okay?

Minion: Is she allowed to do that, like in public and everything?!?!

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The Eclipse!!!

I finally figured out why the Minion kept saying the “Apocalypse is coming”…She was talking about the eclipse. Easy enough mix up…well, easy enough since she lives in a house where her mum frequently references the impending apocalypse and oh how much fun it will be…

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Moment with Minion #107

(driving around, running errands)
Why can't we live in a trailer?
Why would you want to live in a trailer?
Because, if we did then I would still be in my room playing with my toys right now. I could take my room and my toys with me everywhere!
That is quite possibly the most rational reason I've ever heard for living in a trailer.

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Toy Monster

Shel Silverstein manages to get the Minion to pick up her toys every night. How does he manage this? By writing a poem about a toy eating monster than comes in the middle of the night and eats any toys that are on the floor. So, the Minion picks up her toys to make sure they don’t get eaten.

That was all the necessary back story for what I’m about to tell you.

A few minutes ago, the Minion walked into my room and disgustedly eyed the plethora of clothing etc. covering my floor. She looked at me, shook her head and said, “I hope the toy monster comes to your room tonight.”

Sometimes, little girls are kind of bitches.

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Fellowship Application Season

Filling out mass amounts of paperwork? Sucks.

Writing tons of scripts and sorting through your own errors until you can’t tell what’s good and what’s not? Borderline insanity.

Getting to read letters of rec that do nothing but glow with praise? Enough to get through all the rest of it.

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Moment with Minion #106

(in line at the grocery store)
You have such pretty heels.
Thank you.
You are just so cute.
Thank you. I look like my mom.
Aren't you just so sweet.
My cousins are black like you. I can't get as dark as them. But I did get a little bit of a tan today. See...(holding out her arm)...
...the woman laughed so hard it was ridiculous. I love how kids really don't see race as something that separates them. Just something that's different, like height or weight.